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Pallid - Skin Lightening Tablets
  • Skin Lightening - Blemishes - Chloasma - Anti-Ageing
    A new era in Lightening Skin and reducing Blemishes
    B-Lite Blemish Products
  • Blemishes - Chloasma - Skin Lightening - Freckle reduction - Scar color reduction - Age Spots - Sun Spots - Pimples
    Avre's top selling products. Based on natural active ingredients for safety.
    SkinLite Blemish Products
  • Anti-Aging - Blemishes - Chloasma - Melasma - Skin Lightening - Freckle reduction
    Avre's Highest efficacy Blemish range where price is not the object!.
    Pimple Defence
  • Now an anti Pimple treatment so effective you only need apply it every 3 days
    Apply on friday and you are covered for the weekend!
    Hi efficacy slow release formula
    Antiaging Wrinkle Cream Avre Wrinkle Cream
  • Wrinkles - Anti aging - Enhancement - Texture
    Avrès Wrinkle Cream is a proactive multi complex anti wrinkle formula
    skin cleanser Avre Cleansers & Toners
  • Cleansing - Toning - Enhancement - Texture
    Avre's Cleanser and Toners, formulated to work synergistically with the Avre Blemish Range
    Avre Tea Tree Oil Skin Care
  • Pimples - Skin Cleansing - Soothing - Blackheads - Boils - Skin Health
    For the ultimate skin doctor treatment. Avre's Tea Tree Oil products should be in every medicine cabinet!
    Avre BeeSure Skin Balm
  • Rashes - Itches - Stings - Cell Renewal - Bites - Soothing - Healing - Skin Health
    A effective Beeswax based skin balm, for soothing all those skin maladies that crop up from time to time
    Avre V-GEL Personal Lubricating Jelly
  • Personal Feminine Lubricating Jelly
    A sensuous and silky moisturizing jelly
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