Treatments:   Pigmentation Marks - Chloasma - Acne Scars - Age Spots - Dark Marks  
  Description: Tyrosinase Inhibitor   Pack Size: 10ml - 0,33 oz   Generic Active Base: Herbal
Handy Roll-on applicator
High strength delivered exctly where you want it.

A faster working action!.

lightens skin Lightens Pigmentation Marks
fades blemishes Fades Age Spots
lightens freckles Reduces Acne Scar intensity
reduces pimples Chloasma
B-Lite Liquid Roll-On
Easy application on the spot!
blemish removal

Naturally derived
No harsh chemicals in B-Lite Roll-On Liquid!
B-Lite uses naturally derived actives to achieve effective yet safe results.
Broad band actives!
The naturally derived broad band active formula in B-Lite Roll-On results in the treatment of a wide range of small Dark Blemish problems effectively!

High Strength
B-Lite Blemish Roll-On is twice the strength of regular B-Lite Blemish Liquid to effectively achieve results on small dark stubborn blemish area's.

Roll-on application means no wastage and only what is needed is dispensed.

Principal Function
  • Reduction of Small Dark Blemishes
  • Age Spots, Chloasma, Freckles, dark skin color
  • Redices Acne Scar color intensity
  • Non Comdogenic

    B-Lite Blemish Roll-On can be used in conjunction with B-Lite Blemish Cream to achieve better overall results, when treating small dark blemish area's and want to achieve overall complexion color refining.

    A vitally important factor of this naturally derived NON Hydroquinone based product is the safety afforded in achieving effective results.

    Take Control!
    This easy to use, home applied product, gives you the opportunity to take control of your appearance.
    For an even, clear Complexion, B-Lite is a natural winner!

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