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A product that reduces Blemishes whilst also reducing fine lines, producing a soft glowing complexion with clarity.

Color Complexion Control Lightner, Spots and Blemish Fading Cream, for fading of dark pigmentation and uneven pigmentation marks and surface colour irregularities caused by: contraceptives, sunspots, Chloasma, Liver Spots and freckles.

Derma Fade, safely evens out dark pigmentation, Liver Spots and age spots to achieve an overall healthy glowing complexion. Moisturizers create a Lite and soft skin texture.


In the base layer of the human Epidermis we find Melanocytes, the special cells that produce the dark pigment Melanin,
responsible for the individual color tone of each human being.
Although white or colored people have the same amount of Melanocytes in their skin, there are two important differences:
1. Melanocytes of non-white people are more active, therefore producing more Melanin.
2. In the Epidermis of non-white people Melanin is not destroyed by enzymes, this for instance, is different to tanned skins of white people during summer.

Increased production of Melanin on one side and dramatically reduced decomposition of Melanin on the other side
are the true reasons for darker skin tones.
Derma Fade, through a natural and unique triple action process, reduces the pigmentation that causes darkened skin, spots and blemishes.

Derma Fade's Ingredients are composed of: -

Active Ingredients:

  • Vitamin-E
  • Beta Hydroxy Acid (Salicylic Acid)
  • Lactic Acid
  • Grape Extract
  • Kojic Acid
  • Mulberry (Morus Bombycis) Root Extract
  • Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) Extract
  • Benzophenone-3
  • Zinc Oxide (Micronised) B.P.
  • Result

    The multi-complex formula of Derma Fade results in natural fading of blemishes and overall skin tone. Reduction in pigmentation concentration also occurs through this natural process.

    Other Active Ingredients

    Derma Fade also contains Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride Oil for enriching and moisturizing the complexion, Vitamin-E to firm fine lines and improve surface texture.

    Side Effects

    Although Derma Fade has effect from the first application, it takes several weeks to reach the full effect.
    Derma Fade works on a natural basis and besides some rare reports of minor irritation there are no other known side effects from the main Active Ingredients.

    It is advisable to first use Derma Fade on a small area of skin to establish your sensitivity to the product. Derma Fade (once sensitivity is tested) is highly effective and can be used safely.
    Derma Fade can be spread over a large area to produce an even skin tone fade, or it can also be applied locally on Age Spots and Blemishes to minimize those skin irregularities.

    Derma Fade is unlike chemical bleaching agents such as Hydroquinone which are known to cause skin sensitivity or even skin damage when used in high doses in some cases.

    For more concise information see our FAQ page!

    Derma Fade products carry a 30 day money back guarantee!
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