Avre Skin Glycerine Jelly - Ultimate moisturisation
glycerine skin jelly
Glycerin Jelly - A new innovation from Avre

Avre Glycerine Jelly

Avre Glycerine Jelly, a homogeneous Glycerine based skin care product that has deep moisturising properties.
Yet Another first by Avre Skin Care!

Since the times of our Grand Parents, people have been smearing their skin with sticky gooey tacky Petroleum Jelly products in an effort to achieve moisturisation in an economical way!

We at Avre have a pleasant surprise for those users and an unpleasant surprise to the manufacturers of those sticky gooey tacky products... Your days are numbered.

Voila! and enter new Avre Glycerine Jelly! the "water washable", non sticky, non gooey and non tacky alternative, that is going to change the face of economical skin moisturisation products forever!.

This new product has some unique qualities!

1.69 oz - 50ml
Softens at body temperature for smooth easy spreading
Provides deep penetrating moisturisation
Excess washes off with water! yet still leaves a water proof coating on the skin!
Removes make up effortlessly, moisturises skin, styles and glosses ethnic hair
Can be used on the body and on the hair - One tub does it all
Ideal carrier base for inclusion of natural essential oils
Deep moisturisation reduces visible fine line wrinkles and leaves the skin soft and smooth
Avre Glycerine Jelly - One Beauty Aid that will: -
Moisturize your face, neck, hands, arms, legs, feet, baby's bottom, ease dry flaking skin, provide amazing pre-shower deep moisturisation therapy, ease chapped lips, give style - hold and gloss to ethnic hair, give a wet look to short spiky hair, effortlessly remove makeup while moisturising the skin, soften nail cuticles, soften corns and callouses, soften cracked heels, protect the skin at the hairline while relaxing hair and more!

One tub does it all!

All Avre products carry a 30 day money back guarantee!
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