Ridged Fingernails & fingernail fungus

2.Fingernail fungus
1.Ridged Finfernails and fingernail ridges

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Fingers and ones fingernails are very delicate parts of the anatomy. Un-hygienic conditions can lead to fingernail fungus and fingernail infections

Nail Doctors - Keraclear, is a natural cure for Fingernail Fungus and also helps with ridged fingernails. KeraClear will also work as a cure for toenail fungus.
For discolored nails caused by adhesives of false finger nails, results in false nail damage. We do not advocate the use of false nails.
French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German.
France, Spain, Portugal, Italian, Germany.
Nails including peeling fingernails and ridged fingernail can be treated.
Protect your fingernails from fingernail fungus using our KeraClear fungus remedy which is also effective on fungus toenail. Use of KeraClear will result in healthy fingernails.
Ridged fingernails can be as a result of stress or illness.
Depending on the ridges pattern can be an indication of the root cause of the ridges on fingernails.
Your Toenail is very susceptible to toenail fungus and treatment as soon as first signs are visible are recommended. Our home remedies will also alleviate ingrown nail problems in your nail.
Nail bed infection can be averted if proper fingernail hygiene is practiced.
Use only good quality nail polish.
Our Nail Growth Tonic will reduce nail ridges.
Our products are available from your nail technician if a retail outlet does not carry stock.

Yellow fingernails can be caused by damage from topically applied Nail Varnishes.
Nail Fungus - Nail Infection - How to cure fingernail fungus & ridged fingernails

ridged fingernails - fingernail fungus - Fingernails and Toenails fungus treatment, makes your toenail healthy quickly.

Nail Doctors fingernail fungus treatment clears fungus in days. The ultimate fingernail fungus treatment. What is Nail Fungus
Hippocrates taught that the nails reflect the condition of the inner body and soul, he was right! Fingernail info - More Nail information

Anyone will tell you that a fungus toenail is extremely painful, ridged fingernails we have the cure.
Nail Doctors toenail fungus cure uses natural active ingredients for safety.

For healthy fingernails and for toenail fungus medication order our toenail remedy today.
Nail polish can damage your nail plate. Most home remedies for toenail fungus are not effective.
Ridges on fingernails are a sign of poor fingernail health. There is a cure for ridged fingernails and yellow fingernails. False nail damage happens often from extendec false nail use. Peeling fingernails and ridges on fingernails or discoloration such as yellow fingernails, means poor nail health.

Fingernail growth can be boosted with fingernails vitamin. Vitamin deficiency of their nail bed infection is common


Hands and fingernails experience much greater wear and tear during normal daily routines compared with most other parts of the body, so demand specific needs from hand and nail cosmetics. Ridged Fingernails, Repeated exposure to water, commonly used detergents, extremes of temperature, sunlight, etc. can cause the skin to dehydrate and lose its natural strength and elasticity and can result in the nails becoming dry, brittle and prone to breakage and flaking.

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    Nails are strong yet delicate. Vulnerable to abuse, susceptible to mistreatment, strong detergents, germs, bacteria and fungus.

    Nails are also a window to our soul, reflecting our Physiological and Psychological condition, by their very own appearance and condition!

    Nails, as is Hair, is made from Keratin, comprising Protein compounds. Structurally both are there to protect!
    Nails allow the most working points of our bodies extremities, Toes and Fingers, to manipulate and grasp, poke and pry, select, pull and more.
    Fingernails and Toenails are vulnerable to damage from one form or other! - Examples;

    Physical Imposing excessive load or force to the nails, including stressing of the Nail Beds due to excessive leverage forces imposed by long nails, particularly false nails, Nail biting, Tight fitting shoes.
    Chemical False nail adhesives, Nail varnishes, Mail Varnish remover solvents, harsh detergents, household products, workplace chemicals, Nicotine deposits, etc
    Physiological Poor diet, Fungal, Viral and Microbial attack to the fingernail area, substance abuse, medications, Alcohol abuse, Sickness, Genetic ageing, Mental stress, etc

    Nature & Science in a bottle!

    Nail Doctors, Nail Therapy Tonic, uses naturally derived active ingredients, formulated for optimum effect with ultimate safety of use.

    Nail Doctors treatments, promotes natural looking, healthy nails! With well rounded nailbeds and shiny smooth surfaces.
     Vitamins  Plant Extracts  Minerals  Enzymes  Keratin  Peptides  Proteins  Phyto Nutrients

    Nail Doctors, Nail Therapy Products, offer the complete Nail solution.

    Increases nail growth 

    Nail Doctors treatments will turn ugly nails into showpieces of beauty
    Increased nail flexibility 
    Reduced nail ridging 
    Reduced nail delamination 
    Reduced squared nail profile 
    Increased nail strength 
    Improves natural shine 
    Reduced nail cracking 
    Improved natural nail color 
    Rejuvenated cuticle skin area 
    Effective on Fungi 

    Nail Doctors products revitalize nails and cuticles by providing increased Keratin & protein uptake which is further stimulated by providing additional, Vitamins, Enzymes and Minerals to further boost the natural growth function of the nail and surrounding skin tissue.

    The effectiveness of Nail Doctors products is due to the effective delivery system, which increases penetration, providing greater levels of efficacy of the applied nutrients!

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