Question Who can benefit from using the Pallid routine?
Answer The Pallid routine will benefit either men or women of all colours, who desire lighter skin complexions, a reduction of blemishes or an improved skin appearance.
Question Are Pallid Tabs safe?
Answer Skin Lightening Pills Pallid Tablets, Pallid Cream and Pallid Liquid are all based on naturally derived ingredients.
To Avre, Safety of use of any of our products, is of paramount importance
Question Do Pallid products contain Hydroquinone?
Answer NO!, No Avre products contain, Hydroquinone, Steroids or any other harmful bleaching substances.
Question What are the active ingredients of Pallid products?
AnswerPallid Tablets and Palled Cream are all based on naturally derived active ingredients. A full disclosure of the ingredients is given at the base of each products information page.
Question How long does it take for Pallid to work?
Answer Underlying events and conditions such as: darkness intensity of the skin colour being treated, Infrequent or irregular application of the Pallid routine, Outdoor activities resulting in excessive sun exposure, diet, underlying ongoing or present medical conditions, medications, all play rolls in the outcome or success of the Pallid routine.

Pallid Tablets must be used in conjunction with Pallid topical applications of Pallid Lightening Cream and Pallid Complexion Liquid to yield faster results.

By nature of the fact that the Pallid routine does not bleach the skin, but rather reduce the level of intensity of colour of new skin being produced, results are therefore seen in increments as the skin renews itself every 28 days or so, where stepped decreases in skin colour will become apparent.

Generally first noticeable signs will be apparent after about 4 - 8 weeks, once the skin has naturally exfoliated itself to show the new lighter skin texture.
Full effect, again depeding on factors and original skin color, can take up to 32 weeks or more in extreme cases!.
With general Chloasma and blemishes the process is generally quicker, than obtaining overall lighter skin color change!
Question Are Pallid Tablets effective on their own?
Answer The function of the Pallid Tablet is to make the body more adaptive in aiding the efficacy of the applied Pallid Cream and Pallid Liquid to work more effectively.
Particularly to body area's where the skin is generally exposed, such as face, neck and hands. These areas have a tendency to be darker, here Pallid Cream and Liquid applications are definitely recommended to be used in conjunction with the Pallid Tablets.

Pallid products are formulated to work in synergy with each other. We have not yet personally seen a product that singly can be as effective of the Triple system we have developed!
Question How else is the Pallid routine beneficial to the skin?
Answer The Pallid Routine is very much a beauty aid, besides the products intended purpose.

Virtually all users of the Pallid routine will experience a far smoother complexion, radiance and finer surface clarity will also be noticeable.
The Collagen & Elastin boosting properties will result in lesser visibility of fine line wrinkles.
Many users experience a healthy glow to their complexion!
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